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Neighborhood Covenants

Keswick Pointe’s covenants go well beyond municipal and state planning codes and implement high quality standards that embrace aesthetic consistency. 

Why should that be important to you?

Have you ever driven through an area or neighborhood, noticed how nice or how well maintained it looked and commented about how you would like to live a neighborhood like that?  Ever asked yourself why one particular neighborhood looks appealing while some surrounding other nearby communities seem to lack the qualities that you value?  Have you ever wondered why one home has a lower value in one neighborhood and the same or similar home has a much greater value in another neighborhood? The answer to all of these questions lies in the planning through municipal codes and the developer self-elevating those codes with a neighborhood Declaration of Protective Covenants and Easements.  

These neighborhood covenants outline the standards for the size of the home or townhome; the maintenance of the exterior of the home, home site or townhome; the improvements or additions to the home or home site and other exterior aspects of the home or townhome. These covenants are designed to be more protective than restrictive in nature; protective in the sense that these covenants protect your valued asset…your Keswick Pointe home or townhome. 

At Keswick Pointe, the expectation is not to have every home look the same and the neighborhood covenants are not designed to make every home on the streetscape look similar.  As a matter of fact, the customization of each home will make each home unique to your personal preference and distinctly different on your street.  While we assist you in creating a different look for your dream home, the covenants simply create consistent exterior standards for both your and your neighbors’ homes.  When everyone subscribes to these same aesthetic standards, Keswick Pointe will be the kind of neighborhood that visitors drive through, admire, will comment upon with envy.  

You will be given the detailed Declaration of Protective Covenants and Easements upon your visit to Keswick Pointe.  


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